General Manager Speech

As an important part of our national economy, The medical industry  is harmonious with the first,second and tertiary industry and is a combination of traditional and modern industry, It plays an important significance in  improving people's health and their quality of lives,disaster prevention, military combat readiness ,economic development and social progress.

With the improvement of domestic people's living standard and the increasing demand for health care,more and more people attach great importance to our medical industry.Therefore,the medical industry plays increasingly predominant role in national economy,which provides great opportunities to many industry.However,what we see is the heavy responsibilities of medical and technical  development.

“Integrity, pragmatic, innovation, high efficiency” is our enterprise spirit .Over the past six years,with the guidance of this spirit,we ,Nanjing superstar medical equipment co,.ltd,developed rapidly.We came to realize that these qualities are necessary for the achievement of enterprise value.

As a member of superstar,we shouldn’t satisfied with what we have achieved today.This is only a little step on the long journey to make our company an example and benchmark of medical industry.This road  may not be smooth.But all these obstacles will be our propellants,which is beneficial for the realization of our dream.

Thanks to the company of all colleagues along the way,we will forge ahead with all of you.Cherish your life,cherish you health.Let’s escort for the health of public.

General manager: Peng Jialiang