We advocate "integrity, pragmatic, efficient and innovative" spirit of enterprise. Our company always sticks to strict implementation of the "science and technology innovation, quality as the key link, safe and effective, people-oriented" quality policy. We should be based on the technical research and development, relying on the best service and development. “Enthusiastic, thoughtful, efficient and timely "is our principle of service," customer first, quality first, service quality, response in a timely manner "is our basic principles of after-sale service.

The pros and cons of our service, service efficiency, timely or not, are related to the future of our company. In order to enhance customer’s recognition of our enterprise, enhance the visibility and reputation of the enterprise in the hearts of customers, we must provide customers with value-added services.

After-sales service commitment :

1. we have a solemn commitment to " Where to sell my company's products , life-long maintenance .and fulfill our obligations according to the terms of contract.

2. Within the warranty period, whenever the equipments fail, after-sale service center should give a telephone respond to customer within 30 minutes after receiving their notifications. Engineers should come to the designed place as customer required to maintain within the given time.(natural irresistible factors except)

3. Beyond the warranty period, the instrument failure, we still actively respond to the customer's site in time to repair, maintenance costs only.

4. Whether under warranty period or not, we can provide customers with the necessary components for the normal operation of the instrument. After the handling of appropriate procedures for the customer, the necessary components will be sent to designed place according to customer’s needs to ensure their normal use .

5. If the instrument fails, we did not respond to the above requirements. The customers can call the after-sale hotline of Nanjing Superstar medical equipment co,ltd to complain.

The problem should be solved in 12 hours after their arrival.We make a promise all the expenses caused by the repair and replacement of components (except the artificial damage) borne by us.